Businesses say: Huge increase in paid late days

Are you struggling to chase up overdue debt with your customers right now? Aged Receivables ledgers around the country are beginning to display high levels of 60/90+ day creep. And as we continue to operate within the parameters of Alert Levels 2 and 3, many business owners are needing cash flow, urgently.  The cash flow

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Companies ignoring overdue debts

For all the business owners who struggle with chasing money…... this one's for you!  The stress and time it can take to chase down overdue money in business can be crippling for many business owners. And as the effects of COVID begin to take hold, it’s about to get even harder. We thought we’d take

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Another tenant falls behind in rent?

As more and more tenants fall behind in rent, the impacts of COVID are being felt far and wide! If you are a Residential Landlord or a Property Manager then this article will bring some joy to your world! Reduce the number of mediations you need to attend. Often a tenant falls behind in rent

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