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Easy to use Online Debt Collection tool that steps you through the process with 0% Fees

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Drip Payment Software

Drip makes it easy to create and send out debt collection requests.

It’s free to sign up to Drip. We are currently offering a free service to all business owners in New Zealand as we try to survive the economic impacts of COVID-19. We look forward to helping you.

The software is easy to use and steps you through the process of creating an offer to send to your customer. You can choose between requesting the payment in full or offering a payment arrangement term.

By leveraging Drip as your third party debt collection team you can access a higher level of control over the situation. Our research indicates that the third party acts as the catalyst required to get the request taken seriously, and paid!

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Trusted by New Zealands leading companies

Drip customer. Jarrod -Hall Marine design

“After the usual tactics lead to being fobbed off.  The Drip system worked and I got my money. 100% of it and the customer’s still a client.”

Two reasons why Drip is a better choice than the standard Debt Collection Agencies

Don’t ruin your reputation

Lets face it, historically Debt Collectors have been an interesting breed and whilst their collection tactics may have improved as the law enforced it, their number one motivation is getting the customer to pay up. While you may be fed up with chasing down a customer for payment we would encourage you to try Drip first. it keeps you in the drivers seat and in control of the situation. Finding new customers is hard and New Zealand is a small place. Use Drip to appear Empathetic and exhaust all options before you bring in the heavy hitting debt collection agencies.

Get paid 100%

Debt Collection agencies typically take on average anywhere from 15-40% in agency fees when they collect your money. With Drip we would normally only take a 2.95% success fee…..but right now it’s free. You may be asking why we would do that? It’s simple, we are actually all business owners with additional business operations outside of Drip. We created Drip whilst we were in lock down and we want to offer this as a tool for other business owners to utilise post COVID to improve cash flow position.

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